Archbishop Chaput’s Column: See This Movie. It Matters

In his most recent column Archbishop Chaput writes, “As director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, and committed to the ideals of reproductive choice and a woman’s “right to choose,” [Abby] Johnson oversaw a site that conducted thousands of abortions during her tenure.  It was only when she took part personally in one of the procedures that the reality of killing a living, developing, unborn human child imprinted itself on her conscience full force.  She left Planned Parenthood and joined the Coalition for Life.

Johnson’s journey from one side of the abortion struggle to the other is told powerfully in her compelling book Unplanned, available from Ignatius Press ( and other booksellers.  It’s well worth reading and sharing.  And her story is now an equally powerful motion picture, Unplanned, opening in theaters around the metro Philadelphia area on March 29.  Don’t expect to see positive reviews in mainstream media outlets; miracles do happen, but this one would be a stretch.  Ignore that.  See this movie, and bring as many friends and acquaintances with you as you can (it’s rated R for the nature of its content).  It’s that important.”

You can read the complete column by  visiting A Spanish translation of this column will be provided to you as soon as possible.


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