What Really Happened on July 4th, 1776

As we celebrate Independence Day, I want to share an excellent short article by historian Stephen McDowell titled “What Really Happened on July 4th.” Please read it and share with friends and family. To me, what happened on that day, 243 years ago, is one of the most monumental days in human history outside the events of the […]

Chloe Kondrich: the global impact of one young girl with Down Syndrome

Chloe Kondrich: the global impact of one young girl with Down Syndrome Kurt and Chloe Kondrich, a teenager with Down syndrome, tell “an incredible story of life, death, disability, and the power of an innocent child to bring people unity, hope and peace,” to quote Maria Gallagher. This wonderful Father/Daughter team will be featured at […]

Register for our PREP program today! Early Registration available.

REGISTER It is now time to enroll for the 2019-2020 PREP year.  Classes will continue to be held on Monday evenings and Tuesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM. Kindergarten will only be offered on Monday evening and SPRED will only be offered on Tuesday evening. SPRED is a program of religious instruction specifically […]

Call for Funding Increase for Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

As you may know, Governor Wolf vetoed a proposed $100-million increase in theEducational Improvement Tax Credit, which is a huge help for Catholic schools. However, budget negotiations continue and we expect to get at least part of that in the final spending plan. That final agreement could come in the next few days. Please urge […]

Please contact your Rep, Senator, and the Governor to ask for a religious exemption for Catholic ado

We come to you with yet another important favor to ask: please urge your Representative, Senator and Governor Wolf to grant a religious exemption on the same-sex parent requirement for Catholic adoption services—commonly known as SWAN (State-Wide Adoption Network). Gov. Wolf is preventing SWAN providers from denying placement to households with same-sex parents. That goes […]

Thank You to Everyone Who Made Camp Cabrini 2019 a Success!

We want to thank all of our parishioners for their support of Camp Cabrini and, in particular, we want to thank the adult and youth volunteers who served as crew leaders, group aides, stations leaders, snack team, decoration team and office aides. Everyone involved experienced a wonderful week of faith, fun and friendship. Thank you! […]

Call to Action: Archbishop Chaput Urges Continued Support for House Bill 800

From Archbishop Chaput: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate recently passed House Bill 800, which calls for a $100 million increase (from $110 million to $210 million per year) in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). EITC allows businesses to take a write-off on their state taxes in exchange for donations to scholarship organizations. […]

Please ask Governor Wolf to SIGN House Bill 800 on the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

Please urge Governor Wolf to sign House Bill 800, which deals with the Educational Improvement Tax Credit. The EITC is a huge help for Catholic schools. The measure passed the House several weeks ago and passed the Senate today. Click the link below to sign the petition: https://www.votervoice.net/BroadcastLinks/8TG_e5Kufc9WlFvABczlBA Please follow and like us:


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