Adult Faith Formation


Formal Adult Faith Formation programs are offered at St. Frances Cabrini in the fall and spring, with different topics being offered each season.  Some of the programs we have previously offered are A Biblical Walk through the Mass, Walking Toward Eternity, Galatians, Conversion and The Eucharist.  The programs run for a period of four to six weeks, depending upon the subject matter.  Sessions are usually held on Wednesday evenings, and the format usually includes some type of visual orientation followed by small group discussions and concludes with the opportunity for Eucharistic Adoration.  Hospitality is also provided.  Participants are asked to register and all program materials are provided at the first session.   For more information, please contact Theresa Leonetti-O’Connor, Director of Parish Services. 

Call the rectory at 215-946-4040 for more information.

Please consider taking the opportunity to gather each week to heed the Lord’s personal call to you. If you are unable to attend all the sessions, please consider coming for as many sessions as you can. The Series is such that, if you miss a week or more, you are still able to engage in the session because each week there is a new story and person who encounters Christ. In a word, the sessions are “stand alone” sessions. And so, through this Series, we invite you to take the opportunity each week to gather for spiritual enrichment so as to grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord, and to also grow in your relationship and knowledge of other parishioners and friends within our Parish Community. With this vision in mind, every week there will be a light Supper offered at 6:00 PM at no cost.  “Come and See.”

 Life Long Catechesis

Adult faith formation involves helping adults to bring to maturity the seed of faith implanted within them by God.  The faith of adults needs to be nourished and sustained throughout all of life.  We are not “cookies” whose faith formation is complete when we complete our first reception of the sacraments.  It is an ongoing process that helps one acquire the Christian wisdom which gives sense, unity, and hope to the many experiences of personal, social and spiritual life.  Adult faith formation is essential to who we are and what we can do as church.

The Major Goals of Adult Faith Formation:

  1.  Invite and enable ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life
  2. Promote and support active membership in the Christian community
  3. Call and prepare adults to act as disciples in the world

Adult Faith Formation Tends to the Six Dimensions of Adult Faith Formation

  1.  Knowledge of the Faith
  2. Liturgical Life
  3. Moral Formation
  4. Prayer
  5. Communal Life
  6. Missionary Spirit


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