How to Grasp the Monstrosity of the New York Abortion Law

How to Grasp the Monstrosity of the New York Abortion Law

By John Horvat II

If there are gongs that sound in history, one of them would have struck on January 22, 2019. This strike would be a tragic shattering sound marking a day of infamy.

On that dreadful date, something was irremediably broken. A process reached a point of no return. An era ended, replaced by something dark and foreboding.

The event was the passage in the New York State legislature of a law allowing unrestricted, late-term procured abortions. The law’s approval was met with the wild applause of the nation’s most radical abortionists. All laws approving abortion are wrong and infamous. However, this particular law is especially egregious. It stands out by its deliberate intentions and the hysterical enthusiasm of those who celebrate it.

The law allows abortion all the way to the point of birth. Not content to destroy innocent life in its early stages, the pro-abortion forces now seek to kill that same life when obviously fully formed. One senses the passion of a movement that decrees that the child must be killed and the full force of the law must sanction it. To add insult to injury, the law was approved to coincide with the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. It was meant to reaffirm the decision and make sure it would always apply in New York State.

The Act of Abortion Unmasked

The law’s passage is horrific by its savage barbarity and the totality of the terms by which it allows the murder of the innocent. The law contains liberal provisions that extend abortion well beyond the present twenty weeks and now permit it until birth. It lets non-doctors perform abortions. Infants who survive abortion will no longer enjoy the protection of the law; they can be left to die. The unborn child will no longer be recognized as a second victim in cases of a homicide of an expectant mother.

The law goes yet further by enshrining abortion in the state constitution as a guarantee against any eventual repeal of Roe v. Wade. Thus, every step is methodically and meticulously taken to ensure that abortion will never be banned in New York.

All pretense of compassion or safety is now discarded. No one can claim that the unborn child is a mere collection of cells. There can be no doubt that the unborn child now cleared to be murdered can survive outside the mother’s womb. Pro-abortion advocates no longer apologetically declare that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. The law is a celebration of abortion at all stages, times and places.

Abortion becomes for its advocates an almost religious act. The child must be sacrificed upon the bloody altar of reproductive “freedom.” The pro-abortion forces no longer hide the hideousness of the act, but proudly proclaim it. They no longer seem to fear being exposed for their savagery but revel in it.

Savage Enthusiasm

The enactment is horrific for the savage enthusiasm of those who approved it. The abortion law was accepted by a 32-24 majority of New York’s now Democrat-controlled Senate. The Assembly then passed it 92-47. It was signed by the state’s nominally Catholic governor, Andrew Cuomo.

This was not a reluctant vote but an enthusiastic one. The elected officials were aware of what they were doing and embraced it.

Indeed, there are certain dark acts of treachery that mark history like the betrayal of Judas and to a much lesser extent the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Once committed, darkness envelops these acts. They stain the honor of the nation and shock everyone by their wickedness.

What is so disconcerting about this act is that their perpetrators appear to take a macabre pleasure in it. They wildly applaud and congratulate themselves for their victory. They show no remorse for their decision, and in fact claim, it protects women’s lives and health.

What makes this even more incomprehensible is that the characters involved are not all militant atheists, convinced socialists or radical liberals. Some claim to be religiously-inclined or even call themselves Catholic. They vote defying the Church, almost daring Church officials to take disciplinary action—which they know will not be taken.

Challenge to God

In this act, there is a challenge to God, the Creator of life. The legislators arrogate to themselves the power of life and death reserved only to God. They interrupt God’s plans for countless infants. The unborn are never allowed to participate in that great pageant of history where souls, created in the Divine image, are invited to work out their salvation, contribute to Christ’s kingdom on Earth and give glory to God in Heaven.

By approving this law, the legislators join in a savage act of rebellion that rejects the blessings of God upon the nation. They embrace a culture which celebrates sin and leads to the savage barbarity that long-held peoples captive in history. Such deeds cut off the saving action of Grace that, through the Church, brings true liberty to nations.

A Gong Sounds

Indeed, a loud, dissonant gong has sounded in history.

It brings dark and foreboding tidings. For if even tiny fully formed infants about to be born are no longer safe from the butcher’s hand, no life is safe. If all pretense of compassion or ignorance is now discarded, there is no cruelty that cannot be openly conceived.

Those souls who protest abortion will be the next targets of those who defy God. For as souls are unmasked in vice, they cannot endure the opposition of those who represent the rebuke of conscience. They will rage against those who call them to their duty, and demand brutal measures to silence them.

The fight for the unborn has not changed but only intensified. Those who defend God’s rights and grieve for the nation must redouble their efforts. They must confide yet more in His eventual victory.

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