Annual Catholic Charities Appeal: Giving Hope to All


The annual Catholic Charities Appeal begins this weekend. All registered parishioners should have received Archbishop Chaput’s Letter, Appeal Booklet and Donation Request. The theme of this year’s Catholic Charities Appeal is “Giving Hope to All.” The gift of hope is a precious treasure, especially to someone on the verge of despair.

The following Prayer for the 2019 Catholic Charities Appeal captures the essence of our reason for supporting the charitable works of our Catholic Church.

God, our Father, 

we thank you for all the gifts and blessings that you give out of your love for us all.

You call us to open our hearts to share what we have been given.

Grant that through giving to the Catholic Charities Appeal,

we may bring joy, hope and strength to those most in need.

Our charity toward those in need is a real way in which

we show our gratitude and love for you.

Through this year’s Catholic Charities Appeal,

may we help as many people as we can, including

a young person striving to learn and grow in Faith;

a deaf child receiving a quality Catholic Education;

a veteran struggling with homelessness;

a parish carrying out vital local missionary work;

a retired priest who has dedicated his life to the needs of the faithful.

Help us to do all we can to make sure

the “poor have their fill” of your blessings.

We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God for ever and ever. Amen

In addition to the materials mailed to our parishioners’ home, we are pleased to provide Catholic Charities Appeal brochures at the doors of the church.

All donations can be sent directly to the following address:

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Catholic Charities Appeal

CL #4710

P.O. Box 95000

Philadelphia, PA 19195-4710

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Catholic Charities Appeal Board have assured that all donated funds will be spent according to the purpose for which parishioners donate to the Appeal.

On behalf of all who will be benefiting from your generosity, we thank you very much.

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