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Our elected officials in Washington, DC are about to receive a loud pro-life message as thousands of people from Pennsylvania join the largest annual human rights demonstration in the March for Life on Friday, January 18. We also want to make sure our elected officials in Harrisburg hear this strong pro-life message as well. Here’s how you can help.

First, I want you to realize a sad truth here in Pennsylvania. 1,939,735. That’s the total number of abortions performed on record in Pennsylvania from 1974 – 2017. In recent years, 30,000 abortions happen throughout Pennsylvania each year. That means this year will mark two million abortions performed in Pennsylvania since Roe v Wade.

To put that into perspective, that’s more than the total populations of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined.  If you filled eighteen (18) Beaver Stadiums (Penn State football) to capacity, that still wouldn’t add up to the number of unborn children killed by abortion in Pennsylvania since Roe.

Even more staggering is that this is just a portion of the estimated 60 million abortions in the United States since the passage of Roe v Wade.

These harrowing numbers should lead us to act; not to shrink away. It’s exactly why we want to point to efforts here in Pennsylvania to help save lives. And there are many ways you can do so.

• Pregnancy care centers.
• The court system.
• Advanced ultrasound technology.
• Better educational opportunities. 

We encourage you to influence your elected officials in bringing an end to abortion. Our elected leaders, as well as those in our community, need to know that abortion is two million too many in Pennsylvania. That’s why we encourage you to sign our new petition to the Pennsylvania General Assembly telling them to protect the unborn throughout our Commonwealth.

Sign the Petition:
Abortion is Two Million Too Many

As we mention in the petition, just look at current Pennsylvania law: 

“[T]he common and statutory law of Pennsylvania shall be construed so as to extend to the unborn the equal protection of the laws and to further the public policy of this Commonwealth encouraging childbirth over abortion.”

Do our elected officials encourage childbirth over abortion? Are there ways they can and should be extending to the unborn equal protections? As we begin a new legislative session (2019-2020), with your help, may they be reminded of this.

Thanks for signing and sharing the petition. I am grateful for your partnership with us to help make Pennsylvania a place were every human life is cherished and fully protected in law.

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