Join Emily & Make these Two Phone Calls for the Down Syndrome Protection Act

One person is making her voice heard today to protect children with Down syndrome in Pennsylvania. Will you join her?

I just left Senator Jake Corman’s office making a special delivery of a painting and letter on behalf of Emily H. and her family in support of the Down Syndrome Protection Act.

Emily is an artist, a photographer and a volunteer at many organizations. She also has Down syndrome and is a strong advocate for the Down Syndrome Protection Act – House Bill 2050.

Join Emily in advocating for this legislation: Today or tomorrow, please call both Senator Corman and Senator Joe Scarnati with the message to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act (see phone numbers below). And then please help recruit others to do the same.

Both Senator Corman and Senator Scarnati are supporters of the Down Syndrome Protection Act and should be thanked for their support. They both are also in leadership positions and unless they use their influence to bring this legislation up for a vote, time will run out this session.

TAKE ACTION: Please make the following two phone calls:

Majority Leader Senator Jake Corman

President Pro Tempore Senator Joseph Scarnati

Please be gracious in your conversation with their offices. Here’s a sample phone message:

“Hi, my name is ____. I would like to thank the Senator for supporting the Down Syndrome Protection Act and ask that the Senator, in his leadership position, bring the Down Syndrome Protection Act up for a vote – now – before time runs out this session.”

Contact Your State Senator TODAY!
Thank you for making these calls and recruiting others to do the same. For more about the Down Syndrome Protection Act, go to You can also learn and share Emily’s story from our website at


Tom Shaheen
Vice President for Policy
Pennsylvania Family Council


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