Tell Congress Women Don’t Lie About Post Abortion Trauma

Please keep up your Novena prayers and your emails to Congress.

This week’s letter to Congress covers the painful subject of Post-Abortion Trauma. Abortion supporters in Congress are in a bind. If they admit women suffer post abortion trauma, they would have to admit promoting abortion in government programs is wrong, so they simply deny women’s pain.

Thousands of women experience symptoms of trauma and even post-traumatic stress disorder after abortion – either immediately after or sometimes decades later. Yet abortion supporters, including abortion supporters in Congress, refuse to acknowledge the real-life experience of these women.

Whether your Member of Congress and Senators support life, or do not, they ought to hear from you.

Contact your Senators and Member of Congress today. We are so grateful for your support and action.

Please contact your Member of Congress and two Senators using this link.

Don’t forget to pray. To participate in the Novena and Call to Prayer initiatives sign up at

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