Archdiocesan Office for Child and Youth Protection Issues Joint Statement with PA Office of Victim Advocate and Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape Regarding Statewide Grand Jury Report

August 14, 2018
Joint Response to Release of Grand Jury Report
Harrisburg, PA– The Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Child and Youth Protection have joined to share resources and provide support to survivors and parishes in the wake of the release of the grand jury report.
We recognize that news coverage about sexual abuse, transcripts of victim testimony, and the resultant conversations amongst friends, neighbors and family can often be traumatic and bring about feelings of helplessness, anger or despair for victims, parishes and the community.
This report and its scope may deeply impact victims and our community at large. We want all affected to know they are not alone – there are free and confidential resources for those victims identified within the report, for parishioners in need of assistance with processing the report, as well as the community in general who may need guidance in talking through the emotional toll. Our agencies are available to provide supportive measures your community may need – assistance with hosting dialogue around these difficult realities, help in locating written resources for hope and healing, validation via phone or community in-person conversation.
The entities identified below are free and confidential for anyone who is in need of guidance or assistance. Information will not be shared between agencies.
For those seeking rape/sexual assault counseling:
For those seeking resources within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and for information on resources available in other Pennsylvania diocese:
            For those seeking community crisis response assistance:
Keystone Crisis Intervention Team
As the partnership between these three entities continues, ongoing resources will be developed and shared throughout Pennsylvania.
If you suspect child abuse, call ChildLine, the 24-hour statewide system operated by the PA Department of Human Services, toll free at 800-932-0313.
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