Renewed Push + Harmful Legislation = We Need You

There is a renewed push for harmful legislation here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, 18 State Senators and 74 State Representatives are cosponsors to legislation with dangerous consequences to your religious freedom and privacy rights – Senate Bill 613 & House Bill 1410.


That’s more than one third of both the State House and State Senate sponsoring a bill jeopardizing your fundamental freedoms. That is too close for such problematic legislation. Don’t let this continue.


So I ask: Can I count on your help?


  1. Will you contact your State Senator and State Representative about the harms of SB 613 & HB 1410?
  2. Will you use our free eBook [more below] to share and defend against this dangerous legislation?


  1. Take Action

Please contact your State Senator and State Representative and tell them to oppose SB 613 and HB 1410. We’ve made it easy to email both through our Citizen Action Center.

Click here to contact your elected officials.


  1. Free eBook

There have been misunderstandings circulating about on this legislation that we want to help resolve, which is why we have created an eBook containing valuable facts and insights to help inform and educate on SB 613 and HB 1410.


Ironically, not only would SB613 and HB1410 jeopardize your fundamental freedoms but it would also add the following line to our existing law:


Public policies, reflecting an open and welcoming environment and ensuring equal opportunity, foster economic growth and prosperity which benefit the inhabitants of this Commonwealth.


Public policies that are truly “open” and “welcoming” would provide space for all people to live and work in the public square according to their conscience. But SB 613 and HB 1410 would do the exact opposite, potentially treating good people as enemies of the state.


What you’ll find in this new eBook:




FACT #1 –  SB 613 & HB 1410 would force good people to either participate in events or messages contrary to their beliefs or face crippling fines and penalties. No one should be forced to choose between their business or their faith.


See what’s happened around the country when states pass laws like SB613 and HB1410.


FACT #2 – SB 613 & HB 1410 would make it illegal for religious schools and churches to hire employees that agree with their teachings on sexuality, marriage and gender.


Read the eBook for more about what one State Senator says should happen to a school here in Pennsylvania.




FACT #3 – Laws like SB 613 and HB 1410 have been used to force employers and schools to open sex-specific locker-rooms, showers and restrooms to those of the opposite biological sex.


While the bill does not specifically say “bathroom” it does discuss “facilities” and “privileges,” which have been read elsewhere to include restrooms, locker rooms and showers. And states like Washington have made it clear that these types of laws are vehicles to forcing open such facilities to members of the opposite biological sex.


Find out exactly how SB613 & HB1410 would affect bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.


The state officials that are sponsoring this harmful legislation may certainly be driven by good intentions.  But they are now taking a law intended to prevent discrimination and amending it in a way that it can be used to punish many good people in Pennsylvania.


Thank you for reading this eBook and putting it to use in helping to defend religious freedom and privacy rights here in Pennsylvania.


One final note – the only reason this dangerous legislation has not become law yet is because of people like you getting involved. We were told in 2016 that it was a “done deal” yet you joined thousands in teaming up with Pennsylvania Family Council to make your concerns loud and clear to elected officials. And we stopped it.


If we are going to continue to protect religious freedom and to defend privacy rights here in Pennsylvania, it’s going to be because individuals and families came together and committed themselves to doing something about it.


I know with your continued partnership with us that I’ve been able to count on you as an advocate for pro-family values and I’m glad to have your help as we continue this ongoing battle. Thanks for your continued support.



Michael Geer, President

Pennsylvania Family Council

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