[Last Chance] End funding “sex-change” surgery on children

We have a second chance in the State Senate to stop your tax dollars from being used to fund harmful and irreversible “sex change” surgery on children in 2018.


While we informed you earlier this week about efforts in the House to end this funding, the State Senate will again be voting on the renewal of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which in its current form would continue Governor Wolf’s additional coverage of “sex change” surgery for children.


The Latest on CHIP Funding for “Sex Change” Surgery:

Recently, the House had a timely opportunity to end the current practice of paying for controversial, irreversible “sex change” surgeries on kids. They were set to vote on a bill to reauthorize CHIP – HB 1388 – that was already amended by the state Senate with language that would reverse the current policy to include such coverage, something Gov. Wolf unilaterally added to the program last year.


We are sorry to report that the House Republican Leader, Rep. Dave Reed, removed that prohibition in the House Rules Committee before sending HB 1388 to the House floor for a vote to reauthorize CHIP, but without ending taxpayer coverage of these surgeries.


This left House members with a choice of voting to fund the CHIP program as presented to them without the opportunity to reverse the Wolf administration policy – or the untenable position of voting against providing insurance for needy children. The weakened bill passed unanimously and was sent back to the Senate, where it awaits action.


The time is short – CHIP must be renewed by December 31st  and the Senate is only in session for one more week — but we need your help to get the Senate to restore the language to end the Wolf administration’s coverage for “gender reassignment” surgery on children.



  1. Contact your own State Senator. Tell your Senator that you do not want your tax dollars paying for sex change surgeries on children through the CHIP program. The time to end that practice is now, before year’s end. To email, use our Citizen Action Center at tinyurl.com/stopharmingchildren.


  1. Contact the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Jake Corman.Ask him to restore the language of HB 1388 that would remove CHIP coverage of controversial, harmful “sex change” surgeries. His phone number is (717) 787-1377. He will also receive your email through our Citizen Action Center so be sure to take that action.


Thank you for making these contacts. I’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.



Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy

Pennsylvania Family Council

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