[Action] PA House to vote on funding “sex-change” surgery

Your State Representative will be voting as early as today (Tuesday, December 5th) on a new bill that would end tax dollars paying for irreversible and harmful “sex change” surgery.


Description: Image removed by sender. Stop paying for harmful sex change surgeryLast year, Governor Tom Wolf unilaterally mandated the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to cover children’s “sex change” surgery and related services. And your tax dollars are also paying for these irreversible surgeries on adults through Medicaid.


House Bill 1933 (HB1933) – led by State Representative Jesse Topper (R-78th District) – would end taxpayer funding for this harmful and costly surgery and related services.


Please contact your State Representative and ask them to end taxpayer funding for “sex change” surgery by supporting HB1933. To email your State Representative, use our Citizen Action Center at tinyurl.com/SupportHB1933.


And please encourage friends and family to do the same – click here to forward this email.


Thanks for your contacting your State Representative about HB1933 and we will be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments.



Description: Image removed by sender. Tom Shaheen

Thomas Shaheen, Vice President for Policy

Pennsylvania Family Council


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