SCANDAL: Nudism on Mall continues

Good news: The Park Service denied a permit to the “Catharsis on the Mall” event to place a 45-foot naked female statue called “R-Evolution” on the National Mall, in Washington DC.

Bad news: The same event now seeks to install a large structure that would display a 26-foot composite digital photo of a naked woman, front and back. A permit application is under review at this very moment.

The two-story structure would display the nude female image on two sides of a scaffold-screen during the three-day event Nov. 10-12. Plus, media reports say women at the festival can take nude photos of themselves inside a booth that would then be worked into the composite digital photo shown on this giant screen.

Please sign the petition to the Park Service, urging them to deny these nude displays on the Mall

Finally, the event organizers have NOT given up on placing the giant 45-foot “R-Evolution” nude female statue on the Mall.

They are pushing to get it on public display by January 21, 2018, the first anniversary of the Woman’s March, which is just 2 days after the annual March for LifeThis means that if the permit is granted, a giant female statue may be on display as hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers gather in Washington DC on January 19th .

This would be awful! Countless families would be exposed to the immorality that these activists are trying to impose on society.

We must legally and peacefully reject nudism!

Sign our petition, urging the National Park Service in DC to deny permits for the nude display and the “R-Evolution” statue

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