Pressure Building to Continue Funding “Sex-Change” Surgery on Children

We have just received word that State House Republican leadership is being pressured to remove key language that prevents taxpayer funding of “sex change” operations on children. This important language to Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Program, or CHIP, was added in the Senate last week by a 37-13 vote.

Now, that key provision eliminating taxpayer funding of “sex-change” surgery on children is being threatened in the House. We need you to take action today to protect children and taxpayers. Here’s what we’re asking you to do now:

1) Contact those in leadership and your own State Representative, and

2) Encourage others to do the same.

Here are the details:

House Bill 1388 as amended from the State Senate would renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) while also ending taxpayer funding for “gender reassignment” surgery on children, which Governor Wolf unilaterally authorized last year. A bipartisan 37-13 vote in the State Senate included the amendment added to HB 1388 to end taxpayer funding for “sex change” surgery on children.

Description: Image removed by sender. Pass HB1388 as amendedIt is harmful to continue a policy that forces taxpayers to pay for irreversible surgery of a child’s physical sex, something many private insurance companies won’t even pay for here in Pennsylvania. Removing the Senate-passed amendment would continue forcing you and me to pay for “sex change” surgeries on children.

Here’s the two actions we need you to do:

1) Tell your State House Republican leadership, along with your own State Representative, to pass HB 1388 as amendment and to end the taxpayer funding of “sex change” surgery on children. You may use our Citizen Action Center to enter a form that will automatically send an email to both House Republican leadership and your State Representative.

2) Once you’ve sent this message, please encourage others to do the same – to forward this email, simply click here.

Your contacts with these elected officials is critical especially before the House comes back in session Monday, November 13th

Thanks for your involvement on this and stay tuned for more on this legislation.


Michael Geer, President

Pennsylvania Family Council

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