URGENT CALL to ACTION: Defend Life and Religious Liberty!

Your help is urgently needed to contact the White House today. Please let the Trump Administration know that we expect them to do what President Trump promised yesterday in his remarks to the National Prayer Breakfast when he said, “that my administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land.”
Whose voice do you want the President to hear? Public outcry by forces hostile to our religious freedom has already begun. They are attempting to pressure the Administration into not issuing the order. If we do not raise our voices today, friends, President Trump may hear only the demands of those with an agenda disrespectful of our rights to live according to our deeply held beliefs. It is up to us to let him know what we expect. Please act today!



Our religious freedoms have been disrespected and greatly eroded in recent years. Just ask the Little Sisters of the Poor, those California churches forced to provide abortion coverage in healthcare, or those who have been punished for running their family businesses according to their deeply held beliefs. The President can and should issue an Executive Order that protects the religious liberty of all people, of all faiths, at all times.
It is in the Trump Administration’s power to immediately issue an Executive Order to restore the federal government’s respect for the religious freedom of individuals and organizations by establishing a government-wide initiative to respect religious freedom. Please urge the White House to defend our first freedom by sending the message we have prepared for you. Please share this alert on social media.
Thank you for acting now to defend life and religious liberty!
Together we will be heard!

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