GREAT NEWS: PA Senate Passes SB3

I just got back to my office from the Capitol, where I personally thanked Sen. Michele Brooks for leading today’s successful floor fight on pro-life SB3, which passed just a short time ago by a 32-18 margin!


And right now, I’m offering my thanks to you as well. Without the support and involvement of folks like you, I and the other members of our policy team wouldn’t be here to research and advocate for strong pro-family and pro-life policies like SB 3. Your support also helps us motivate and engage the grassroots.  Thank you!


But…our work is not yet done.


First, click here for the roll call on SB3. If your State Senator voted yes, please contact them to say thank you for their support.


We have a few resources up on our website offering analysis of SB3 and the vote today (once the roll call is available we will have that on our website as well):



SB3 now heads to the PA House of Representatives, where last year similar legislation passed overwhelmingly with a two-thirds majority vote.


We encourage you – especially if you have not already – to contact your State Representative and to use our Citizen Action Center to send your support of SB3:


Thank you so much for your prayers, your action on this legislation and your support of our organization. We could not make an impact for PA families without your generous partnership and active engagement. Let’s keep it up!


For life,


Tom Shaheen, Vice President for Policy

Pennsylvania Family Institute


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