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I wanted to make sure you saw the news about President Donald Trump rescinding the transgender mandate letter sent to school districts by the Obama administration and restoring confidence in maintaining biologically-distinct restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities along with policies for sports teams and overnight trips.


Randall Wenger interview with Fox43Randall Wenger, our Chief Counsel, just gave an interview with FOX43 to air in their 4pm & 5pm news hours about this recent action.


Randall has worked with parents and school districts in the wake of that letter that has caused some school districts to unfortunately change their policies. Now with this letter being rescinded, there is even more reason why schools should continue to protect all students by distinguishing their bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex.


I’ve included our press release below for more insights. If you would like to know how you can influence your school district and protect student safety and privacy rights, reply to this email or contact us at 717-545-0600. You may also reach out directly to our Independence Law Center at 717-657-4990.


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Michael Geer

Michael Geer, President

Pennsylvania Family Institute


President Trump Is Right to Remove Unconstitutional Federal Mandate Regulating Public School Bathrooms, Locker Rooms and Sports Teams


Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague” Letter was dangerous to Pennsylvania schools and families.

Harrisburg  A previous order by the Obama administration that violated students’ privacy rights and safety has now been rescinded by President Donald Trump.
“The federal government has absolutely no business regulating local school district bathroom and locker room policies here in Pennsylvania or anywhere,” saidMichael Geer, President of the Pennsylvania Family Institute.


All schools should be confident that they can maintain common-sense distinctions based on biological sex in bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities during this school year. Schools should be encouraged to provide a safe environment for all students and respect everyone without taking privacy rights away from anyone.


“Biological sex is the only valid reason to have separate showers and restrooms in the first place; otherwise, we’d have one locker room,” says Randall Wenger, Chief Counsel of the Pennsylvania Family Institute. “Maintaining separate restrooms for any reason other than biological sex is arbitrary and irrational.”


The “Dear Colleague” letter from the Obama administration went so far as to require schools to allow biological boys to stay with girls, and vice versa, on any overnight trips.


Emma, a 17-year-old high-school student from Pennsylvania, had this to say: “When I participate in my county wide orchestra and we have to change into our concert attire, I should not have to undress in front of a member of the opposite biological sex. On a school trip, such as the trip to Philadelphia we took this fall, I should not have to share sleeping areas with a boy. That’s just common sense.”


Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds the Trump Administration for rescinding this mandate and putting students and privacy rights above any political agenda.


All Pennsylvania school districts that had changed their policy because of the Obama administration’s order should restore their original policy in order to protect all students. Every student should have full access to facilities according to their biological sex. Reasonable accommodations, such as single-user facilities, should be made for students who object to using facilities with other students of the same biological sex or for any other reason.

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