Archbishop Chaput’s Column–Persons First: Refugees, Immigrants and Executive Orders

In his latest column Archbishop Chaput writes, “…individuals have obligations to the common good, and governments have a particular duty to provide for public security; otherwise they lose their legitimacy. But we can’t serve the common good by exploiting or callously mistreating individuals, especially the weak. Being ‘prolife’ involves a great deal more than a defense of unborn life, though it should naturally start there. We also have grave responsibilities to the poor, the infirm, the elderly and the immigrant – responsibilities that will shape our encounter with the God of justice when we meet him face to face.

There are few embodiments of the weak more needy or compelling than refugees. This is why the Church in the United States has reacted so strongly, so negatively — and so properly – to President Trump’s executive orders of January 28. ”

You can read the complete column by visiting or opening the attached document.

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