9 chilling words from Gov. Wolf

Did you catch what Gov. Tom Wolf said about Senate Bill 3?


After a 10-5 vote out of committee yesterday, SB3, a much-needed improvement to our nearly 30-year-old abortion law, is now before the full State Senate for a vote that may come as early as tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th.


Simply put, SB3 would stop dismemberment abortions, a procedure where the unborn child is torn into pieces in the womb and bleeds to death. SB3 would also end abortions after 20 weeks, a time when that child can feel and react to pain. (Read more from our Citizen Action Center).


Yet after SB3 was successfully voted out of committee, Governor Wolf was quick to make this statement:


“[SB3] flies in the face of everything I stand for.”


Unborn Child - Should He Be Dismembered?Really Governor Wolf? There’s not a thing within you that would rally to the aid of a helpless, innocent human baby in the womb targeted for demise by dismemberment? SB3 would only impact a small percentage of all abortions, and would bring us closer to the vast majority of nations that prohibit these later-term abortions. Talk about being out of step.


In fact, the US is one of only seven nations, including China and North Korea, that permit elective abortions after 20 weeks. And within the US, there are now 20 states that limit abortion to the first 20 weeks.


Governor Wolf is proving he’s just as extreme as Planned Parenthood. Making this extreme statement against a committee vote and on the eve of his budget address may be bewildering, but when one sees how Planned Parenthood spent hundreds of thousands to push his election, sadly, it’s unsurprising.


Three Things I’m Asking You Do To:


Pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood are pushing hard to prevent SB3 which is why your voice is needed right now. Here’s are three steps you can take – the first being the most critical:


Step 1. Contact your State Senator: “Yes on SB3.” With a vote by the full State Senate on SB3 to come as early as this Wednesday, a phone call would be very helpful: according to our records your State Senator is your state senator. Also, an email to reinforce your support of SB3 is important too – to save you time, use our Citizen Action Center to send: tinyurl.com/YESonSB3


Map of States with 20 week abortion limits - YES on SB3


Step 2. Attend a #ProtestPP Rally this Saturday. Take advantage of this opportunity to share facts about Planned Parenthood, like using our reportExtreme: Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania, and highlighting the need to take action on SB3 with attendees. For more about the #ProtestPP rally, visitprotestpp.com.


Step 3. Help us reach more people about the need to support SB3. We know Planned Parenthood and others are lobbying hard and spending money right now to try to stop SB3 from a Senate vote. If you’re able, a financial contribution to PA Family Council will help us reach more PA families to get involved in this effort.


Donate to the Pennsylvania Family Council


And please be sure to share the need with your friends and family –tinyurl.com/YESonSB3.


To forward this email, click here. To share this email on social media: Facebook Twitter


It is times like these when I am so glad to have your partnership. Thank you for your support and for your timely response to SB3.


For life,


Michael Geer

Michael Geer, President

Pennsylvania Family Council


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