Final Session Days Remain to Stop Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills

Defend My Privacy
If there’s one thing you do this week to help our coalition, please call your State Senator and ask them to OPPOSE the Bathroom Bills – SB974 & SB1307. Your State Senator: your state senator.

If you need help with contacting your State Senator, call PA Family Council for assistance at 717.545.0600.


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Final Session Days Remain to Stop Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills


Barring any schedule changes, there are five weeks left for State Senators in Harrisburg to actively debate and vote on current legislation – including Governor Wolf’s Bathroom Bills. Your Senator will be back in Harrisburg starting Monday, September 26.


Now, there was a hearing scheduled for September 26th on two of the Senate Bathroom Bills – SB974 and SB1316 – but that has been postponed until further notice. While this can be a good sign for stopping these bills, let us make clear – these Bathroom Bills are still being pushed for passage this session.


For privacy rights and safety concerns of so many in Pennsylvania, it is imperative that we stop these proposals. That starts with you – picking up a phone, sending an email and/or visiting with your State Senator. They need to hear from those they represent about the negative implications this proposal would create.


If you need their phone number or their district office location, call the PA Family Council at 717-545-0600 for assistance. For email, you can send a message on two action alerts – one on the full Governor Wolf Bathroom proposals (SB974 & HB1510) and the other on the individual bathroom bills in the Senate (SB1306, SB1307 & SB1316).


The threat in the Senate is concerning since SB1307 passed committee earlier this year. Over in the State House of Representatives, HB1510 is still a threat as well (same legislation as SB974).


Whether you have contacted their office before or you never have at all, please contact your State Senator – “NO on SB974 & SB1307.” – and State Representative – “NO on HB1510.”


1. Visit their District Office (and make use of this one-page handout).

2. Make a brief phone call to your State Senator: your state senator

3. Send an email – both on the full proposals (SB974 & HB1510) andSenate individual proposals (SB1306, SB1307, SB1316).


Any help needed with contacting your elected officials, contact PA Family Council at 717-545-0600.


What is SB974, SB1307, or HB1510? Click here for a brief summary.


THANK YOU for helping to defend our privacy rights! Stay tuned for the latest activity in Harrisburg.


– Defend My Privacy Coalition


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