UPDATE ON ANDA ( Abortion Non-Discrimination Act )

The following is an update on the ANDA(  Abortion Non-Discrimination Act ) by Amy McInerny, Exceutive Director of the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

Dear Friends,

I write today with a word of heartfelt appreciation and encouragement. Thank you for taking action on our alert on protecting the rights of pro-life health care providers.

As you may have learned, while the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA) came very close to the finish line, it was not included in Congress’s end-of-year funding legislation. However, our recent efforts to enact conscience protections demonstrated, through the record-breaking number of grassroots messages sent to Capitol Hill, that the American people care deeply about our cherished right of conscience. We are not discouraged. The fight is not over. I anticipate sending more news to you shortly on how we might follow up with our elected officials about their epic failure. Our information is that strongest opposition to ANDA came from Democratic leaders in the Senate, who threatened a filibuster, and President Obama, who threatened to veto the entire funding bill over this issue.

We will never stop looking for opportunities to make progress until everyone is protected in law. Let’s resolve to keep this issue before our legislators. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to continue in our mission to protect the vulnerable and to invite even more people of good will to join us in this vital work. Thank you for continuing to stand with us.

Together we will be heard!

Amy McInerny
Executive Director

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