Use Tax Dollars for Life Not Death

Videos of Planned Parenthood officials callously speaking about the harvesting and apparent sale of unborn babies’ body parts have been viewed by millions. 

But how can Planned Parenthood be involved in the illegal selling of human body parts? One Planned Parenthood official is on video admitting, “It’s all just a matter of line items.” Planned Parenthood apparently gets paid for selling the organs and tissues of aborted children to research laboratories.

Planned Parenthood also receives millions of tax dollars each year to provide or refer for a variety of other services. In Fiscal Year 2013-2014, the abortion giant reported receiving $528 million in tax funding – or 41 percent of its total revenue.

It is time to support House Bill 1623, cosponsored by Rep. Paul Schemel and Rep. Judy Ward. This bill would prioritize public funds to entities that provide  comprehensive women’s health care and  prohibit the Department of Health from entering into contracts with or making grants to any entity that performs abortions (except federally qualified abortions) or maintains or operates a facility where such abortions are performed.

The Catholic Church is opposed to all abortions.  Though this bill will not stop funding for Medicaid abortions (those for rape, incest or life of the mother), it still constitutes a positive step in the right direction by restricting significant public funding to those programs that engage in the abortion trade.  That is an important restriction especially since the primary goal of the bill is not to advance abortion of any type but is to provide important health care services to women at many, accessible facilities around the Commonwealth.

Although government funds cannot currently be used to perform abortions, Planned Parenthood does spend taxpayer dollars to attract people into its clinics for other services, providing the opportunity to promote its abortion business. 

Simply put, we can do better for women and children. Send a message to your legislator today in support of House Bill 1623.

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