Take Action and Join the Fight to Defund Planned Parenthood!

“We need you now more than ever! 

A defunding fight is on the horizon in PA.”

I must confess – I’m stealing that headline above from Planned Parenthood. They used that headline last week pleading for support for their abortion business as they recognize the defunding threat that exists in Pennsylvania.

This is evidence that we are getting closer to defunding Planned Parenthood

Just this morning RJ Harris on WHP 580 radio morning show here in Harrisburg brought up what every news station should be covering today – how a Planned Parenthood official from central PA wants to sell baby parts for profit and views laws against doing so as ridiculous.

That news is from the video released this week in the ongoing #PPSellsBabyParts series that records Vanessa Russo, an official with Planned Parenthood Keystone (covering central PA). For highlights from the conversation as well as the full 33-minute video, visit our website: pafamily.org/2015/09/plannedparenthood

Just like our state budget is overdue, it’s far overdue for Pennsylvania to stop paying Planned Parenthood with our taxdollars. As the debate over the state budget continues, make sure you’ve told your elected officials to stop paying the largest abortion business in the Commonwealth.

  • Will you join me in taking action? If you have not already, please send the petition to defund Planned Parenthood to your State Senator and State Representative. Click here or go to tinyurl.com/peoplepetition
  • Will you give to this effort? PA Family Council is leading the push in Pennsylvania to defund Planned Parenthood. Help us make it happen with asecure online donation today.
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