6th Planned Parenthood Video – Selling Without Consent

A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Holly O’Donnell, a former “procurement technician” at StemExpress, who provided a firsthand account of the process used to sell aborted baby parts in conjunction with Planned Parenthood.

In the second part of her story, Ms. O’Donnell describes how StemExpress (a contracted partner with Planned Parenthood) removed aborted baby parts without the consent of the mother. Other times, according to O’Donnell, women were pressured into consenting while they were still under the influence of the medication used during the abortion procedure.

Federal laws on the procurement and use of human fetal tissue require that patients consent to the tissue donation subsequent to consenting to the abortion procedure (42 U.S.C. 289g-1).

Clearly, this appears to be a breach of federal law and in a very horrifying way. So the media should be quick to investigate, right?

Unfortunately, the media are failing the general public once again by neglecting to report this barbaric story.

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