A MESSAGE FROM The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) specifically permits states to prohibit insurance providers that participate in the exchange from covering elective abortions. House Bill 818 clearly prohibits the taxpayer supported insurance plans from covering elective abortions.

Abortion coverage has long been prohibited in Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program (except in cases of rape, incest or to avert the death of the mother). Currently no tax dollars are used for elective abortions in Pennsylvania. HB 818 guarantees that the taxpayer supported plans in the federal government’s new health insurance exchange are in line with this long-standing policy.

HB 818 passed the House today with a vote of 144 to 53. It now heads to the Senate, where a vote is expected in the coming weeks. Your senator needs to hear from you TODAY- click on the link below!

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