Removing the Paper Recycling Container

As many of you are aware, Saint Frances Cabrini has for many years had a paper recycling container located in the rear parking lot by the hall.  It was originally delivered as a fundraising vehicle and the Parish would receive quarterly rebates from the recycling company for the newspapers it recycled.  Eventually, however, the reduced demand for newspaper, along with the expansion of curbside collection systems have resulted in paper having so little value that recyclers now charge to accept it.  Therefore, rebates are no longer provided for the paper collected in our recycling container.

The recycling business itself has changed ownership several times over the years and we now have a difficult time getting the current business to pick up our recycled paper on a timely basis.   This results in paper often overflowing from the container and being scattered on the campus.  Repeated requests that the container be emptied are necessary and not always responded to.

Therefore, we have requested to have the container removed.

We appreciate the support of our parishioners who have supported our recycling efforts through the years.  We hope you will continue to recycle through the regular curbside collection.  Thank you.

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