Please Support the Lifeline Scholarship Program

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference is asking for your help in urging state lawmakers to support an important vehicle in providing school choice to as many students and families as possible in Pennsylvania. Catholic schools would benefit as well.

We’re talking about the Lifeline Scholarship Program, which would offer a scholarship to any student residing in a public school ranked in the bottom 15 percent in performance. Students could use these scholarships to attend a nonpublic school.

Two bills have been introduced, one each in the PA House and Senate, which would fund this new scholarship program through a line item in the budget. The amount of funding dedicated to this new program will determine the number of students it could help. We are pressing for Lifeline Scholarships to be a part of the final budget, funded at an amount that would help as many students as possible.

Gov. Shapiro has repeatedly endorsed the concept, and momentum is building with Republicans and Democrats toward inclusion in the final state budget deal. Please help us see this to the finish line!

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