Support the Unborn Child Dignity Act

Please contact your state senator to ask them to support an important bill to preserve the dignity of life. It’s House Bill 118 by Rep. Frank Ryan and is also known as the “Unborn Child Dignity Act.”  It would give parents the right and the option to claim the remains of an unborn child who died during miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth. It has also been called the “Fetal Remains Bill.”

The bill is coming up for a Senate committee vote Tuesday morning in Harrisburg.

Under current law, an unborn child who dies is treated as medical waste and is disposed of without offering the parents the opportunity to provide for burial or cremation. House Bill 118 would give parents that right.

Many lawmakers have attacked the bill as forcing an unjust burden on the mother. Ryan says that is NOT the case.

“The bill is not intended to be burdensome to healthcare facilities or parents,” he said. “It merely gives parents the right to decide the final disposition of their unborn child’s remains. Parents may instead opt to permit the healthcare facility to bury or cremate the remains according to the facility’s customary methods.”

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