Ask Your PA Senator to Provide Nurses for Non-public School

Please contact your state Senator to ask them to sign on as a cosponsor to Sen. Andy Dinnaman’s proposed bill that calls for a nurse to be put in every non-public school this year. Such a move would have no fiscal impact on districts, because the bill calls for CARES Act funding to pay for the nursing services.

Here’s some of Sen. Dinnaman’s sponsorship memo…

“The pandemic and the question of providing safe and healthy school environments for those in school is dependent on the presence of a Certified School Nurse (CSN).  Pennsylvania law provides the services of a school nurse in public, religious and private schools.  However, the current ratio of 1 nurse:1500 students simply does not provide the level of nursing services needed during the current COVID crisis. Many public and non-public school buildings are without nursing services in the building on a daily basis.  
The Pennsylvania Department of Health, in its August 15th  COVID “School Health Resources for School Nurses” makes clear the importance of the school nurse in the reopening of schools on an in-person or hybrid basis.   In order to allow our schools to open and preserve the health of students, teachers and staff,  this bill calls for $38 million in COVID funds to be used to pay for nurses in every building with over 100 students, public or non-public, through the 2020-2021 school year.” 

Please help us get the necessary care for our students. Thank you!

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