Yard Signs for HFRCS Class of 2020

When the schools closed on Friday, March 13, nobody knew the students would not return to finish out the 2019-2020 school year. Our 8th grade students were about to enter into the last portion of their time at Holy Family Regional Catholic School. Most of them have been at HFRCS since Kindergarten, some since Pre-K. They had grown up watching the 8th grade lead the school in many fun traditions and it was finally their turn! All that changed on March 13.

There is no safe way, at this moment, to allow the 8th grade class to have their end of the year traditions. HFRCS is working to make the end of this year special for the class of 2020 and they were able to brighten their day a little last week.

Eighth grade teachers, Mrs. Meredith Konen and Mr. Louis Perry, along with Mr. Snyder, Assistant Principal and Mrs. Haggerty, Principal, delivered yard signs recognizing each 8th grade student! Click here to see the photos of the Saint Frances Cabrini parishioners the day they received their HFRCS Class of 2020 signs.


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