PREP Online Resources

The materials on this page are intended to assist parents in continuing the Religious Education of their children while PREP sessions are suspended due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please follow the instructions provided through email communications from your child’s catechist.

Study Guides (Refer to the student textbook for detailed information on these topics.)

Activity Sheets (Download and Print)

Online Interactive Chapter Test

Please use the links below for your child to take the Interactive Chapter Review for the assigned chapter(s). At the end of the test, the program will ask how well you think you did on the key points of the chapter and also has a box where you can ask questions or comment on the lessons. Once you fill in those boxes, you enter the email address of your child’s catechist into the email field and the program will send the results of the review, along with your self-ratings and your comments or questions, to the catechist.

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