2016 Parish Retreat

Join us for our Parish Retreat!

Sunday, December 4th through Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM each evening


This Retreat is FREE and open to all..

… all evenings or whichever you can make!

Transportation and children care for the evening services are available.


Click HERE for additional printable resources!


What is a retreat?

  • A retreat is taking time away from our normal activities to focus on our relationships with our true selves, our family and friends, and our community, within the context of our relationship with God. The purpose of a retreat is to examine the difference between what we believe our priorities in life should be and what our actual priorities are as defined by how we live. During a retreat, we listen for God’s loving guidance and make concrete and practical resolutions for becoming all that God intends for us to be.

What exactly do you do at a retreat?

  • During a retreat, we gather as a Christian Community to experience the love of God.  We hear the Word of God spoken through Sacred Scripture, hymns and prayers. Each evening we focus on a different aspect of our faith: the power of the Spirit, forgiveness, commitment, and community, respectively. Each particular message is brought to life through inspired preaching that is seasoned with humor. The retreat experience includes time for reflection and meditation.

Why should I participate in the retreat?

  • Several reports by prominent researchers in the field of personal well-being point to “strong relationships” as a key indicator of lasting happiness. Building and maintaining relationships takes time. Consider the family members and friends with whom you have the strongest relationships; how often do you think of them, speak with them, and spend time with them? If you don’t see them that often, how much more do you value the time you do spend with them? Your relationship with God is at the core of your personal happiness and has a strong impact on your relationship with others.  Retreats improve our relationship with God and lead to deeper happiness.  Look at the example of the saints. Many saints and martyrs were able to confront the most challenging and depressing conditions while maintaining a sense of joy. Because of their relationship with God, they were certain that no matter what happens in this world, they will ultimately know true and eternal happiness. Jesus and His disciples took time to get away from the crowds for prayer and contemplation. Retreats help us to follow in the footsteps of Christ and His saints, leading us to true and eternal happiness.

How long is each retreat session?

  • Each session is a quick 90 minutes, beginning at 7:00 pm and ending at approximately 8:30 pm.

If I can’t make a commitment to attending every evening, is it worth coming on the nights when I can?

  • Yes. It is worth coming for only a portion of the retreat. While it is most beneficial to attend the full retreat, each evening will be a time of grace leading to a more profound relationship with God.

Is there a registration fee?

  • There is no registration fee to participate in the retreat. A free will offering will be accepted on Wednesday evening.

Do I have to be a member of the Saint Frances Cabrini Parish to participate?

  • The retreat is open to everyone interested in deepening their relationship with Jesus. You do not have to be members of the Saint Frances Cabrini Parish.

Where does the retreat take place?

  • The retreat is held in Saint Frances Cabrini Church. Our address is 325 S. Oxford Valley Road, Fairless Hills, PA 19030.


For additional information contact JoAnn Holden at 215-946-4040 or  email jholden@saintfrancescabrini.net.



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